ASEAN Community

Some from the world's biggest investors continue to be busy dancing with China, another party has been locked in the equator. The music has been played gently in this region and today they are prepared to wear some rock 'n roll to participate the party in the global community ballroom.

ASEAN Community
The party started in 1967 as well as the founding fathers decided to name their party with ASEAN (Association of South East Asia Nations). For the next half a century, as most of the party in this world, there has been always an event crusher like the politic instability, territorial acclaimed, deforestation, or perhaps the for the worst situation segregation. Thus, they still stand until today and they decide to bring some live towards the party.

ASEAN Community
Today, ASEAN began to look up and be positive about making their own method to run things around. They previously ratify the disposable trade agreement and it's also a great omen for the party to keep forward. Very good news is they also take part since the third largest region inhabiting in Asia and understanding that reputation they are as delicious because the turkey for the investor's main course.

When they're going international show, the spot must pay attention to growing the regional infrastructure. Even as have seen before, lots of its countries still experiencing their low inter region connectivity and transportation. Because of the 70 percent of its region is assigned to archipelago state, ASEAN should give attention to bridging the country with railways, and ferry ships to get in touch between islands. A great inter region railway system will surely boost the economic fortune to the corner of ballroom party.

Yet another thing that they mostly forget is to provide enough energy to boost the speed output of domestic product. Unlike today's condition where one member still thirsts for lemonade yet others you will need to help when they got paid. The party's members should sit together and create a centralized yet distributable energy system through the entire region. They need to build underground cables or sea cables to power up the village. With all the overwhelming energy potential from sea power, ASEAN should build the energy plant from wave and wind energy to produce clean energy for regions.

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